Golden Triangle

This was surreal just solely because the accessibility to 3 countries. Myanmar is where we spent most of our time during that day. We crossed the friendship bridge into the country and the traffic direction actually splits right before your eyes. One country driving on the left side and the other driving on the right. It's a miracle the cars just don't run into each other, but there's seems to be a good system when once you cross the border you automatically switch to the other side without a stop. It's fair to say we definitely looked like tourists for 15 minutes just watching with our mouths wide open. 

In Myanmar we walked through a lot of markets, including one meat market where we were graced with the every possible organ of a Water Buffalo. Definitely not a scene for those prone to nausea. There were flies everywhere and people were using plastic bags tied to a stick to swat them away. The cultural difference for meat sanitation was quite wide at this point. Surprisingly I was more interested than disgusted with the market; the only time I had to turn away was when I saw a whole chicken completely de-feathered and folded between it's feet (I guess they aren't pets there?). We also checked out a few temples and pagodas- a callout being the Tachileik Shwedagon Pagoda where you can worship your birthday Buddha.* It is determined by the day that you were born on.* As we walked around the pagoda, we were followed by children (dressed in PJs) carrying umbrellas to shade us from the sun. It was definitely the cutest part of the experience and a huge lifesaver as it was steaming hot. But don't get tricked by their cuteness, they know how to play the money game. They catch sparrows and sell them to you for you to set them free again. What a sneaky way to play to my animal love...

*You have to have your shoulders covered and knees covered

*If you were born on a Friday, you got the rat. Speaking from experience. 

Since we were already staying in Thailand, our last country to complete the Golden Triangle tour was Laos. We rented a small canoe-like boat to take us to Don Sao, an island of Laos. It's basically just a small market on an island but at least you can check off a country. The boat ride is the most amazing part since you are riding down a scenic river that separates all these three countries. The highlight of Don Sao was BOI's sis taking a shot of liquor that had a tiger penis and balls soaking in it.  No joke--the tour guide said it was "the best of the best...tiger dick". Cheers!