Dim Sum

Lesson learned: definitely make a reservation. We decided Saturday morning to grab some Dim Sum and well, everything was booked solid. We got really lucky and just went into and they squeezed us in if we ate under 45 min…for us, no problem. We ordered Hong Kong pancakes,  peppered tofu, crab legs (not pictured), rice rolls, boiled lettuce, and bbq rolls. 

Unfortunately, this was probably my least favorite meal since living in HK. Especially since I swear there was a beetle of some sort in my rice and I pretty much tried not to vom the rest of the time (Jay took it and wouldn’t admit that it was a beetle so he threw it on the ground). 

But it mainly came down to no flavor. It was fun to partake but pretty bland. So to go with our lesson learned, we have to make a reservation at a acclaimed restaurant for dim sum for the best…

Because if you can squeeze into a restaurant during peak hours on Saturday then you’re probably going to get a bug in your dish.