We are really trying to make new connections in Hong Kong. There are so many expats living here so we are excited about meeting people from all over the world. I’ve already joined AWA (American Women’s Association) and connected with local bloggers but the more ideas and connections, the better!

One way we could both meet people was by joining a gym. Today, I took my first exercise class to try to meet people (btw, I took TRX so you might as well call me Arnold now). Well, there was this girl right next to me and she was around my age. She had on PINK yoga pants with the OSU label–great starter convo, right? Wrong. Turns out (after a few seconds of me awkwardly pointing to her hip where the logo was) that she had no idea about OSU and could barely speak English. So first attempt at instant gym friendship = fail. Maybe Pilates holds a better chance for an English gal?

Btw, take of those yoga pants girl, don’t mislead a real Ohioan!