Beach Camping

We had the best weekend. We decided a few days before to go hiking (there are so many suggested hiking paths here in HK, it’s hard to see them all/pick). We decided to go to Ham Tin Wan Beach which is on the Sai Kung side of Hong Kong (so approx 2 hours away from our condo and then a 2 hour hike to the beach itself). 

We each carried a hiking pack loaded with just some sleeping essentials, toothbrush, and water. The hike was INCREDIBLE. Some of you might have seen via SnapChat since there were too many views not to share. Ham Tin Wan is actually a part of the Tai Long Ocean–there are 3 coves/beaches and you can camp on 2 of them. We went to the second cove, Ham Tin Wan–each beach is about a 40 min hike between each other. There were definitely some major inclines to handle but no complaining here–we just still can’t get over the fact that we are hiking in Asia! The views are incredible and it’s so easy to just pick up and go. 

Once we arrived to Ham Tin, we went to this little shack restaurant they have on the beach for tent rentals and food. We posted up on the sand and just enjoyed our oasis the rest of the night while eating fried rice and watching the wild cows and dogs on the island running around. Although it felt like we were sleeping on cement, we surprisingly got a great night’s sleep, woke up for the sunrise, and then headed out at 8:30am for the hike back. Our legs love us, we are just going to have to live on a mountain the rest of our lives to keep up with the legwork we’ve been experiencing here. 

Nothing more to say than HOLY COW this is our new home?!…oh, and we also snuck away with the tent…