Sassy Blogger

So since moving, I've made a point to get involved in organizations, meet new people, and just overall connect to the community. One thing that was a lifesaver in getting started was following the Sassy Hong Kong blog. It's THE blog in the city and a girl's dream to know where to go for food, salons, and general HK tips. 

I reached out to Sassy after a month of being here basically saying I had a girl crush on their blog and if I could help in anyway I'd love to. Long story short, I've joined the Sassy team as one of their freelance writers! My first article went live on their site this week so let me do a little bit of self-love and share it with you: click here. 

It's a food review and I got to stuff my face with deliciousness and write about it. Another reason why I love Sassy. Okay, now back to my blog... :)