HK ID Card

BOI (Boy of Interest) and I officially have our HK ID cards.. well, we have for awhile now. And besides the fact that it's one of the best pictures I've ever, ever taken (seriously, could my passport pic be swapped? I look like dipped my face in oil in that pic)... it is also the MOST convenient ID we've ever had our hands on. 

Take notes, America. This ID, the size of a license, is so efficient for traveling and proof of citizenship. I just flash that baby anywhere that requires ID and I am good to go. With all the travel we do, I can honestly say I don't dread the airport scene in HK. Besides the fact that their airport is so clean, organized, and modern; it also is incredibly efficient if you're a resident. I never have a line longer than 5 minutes. 

When we have to go through immigration or security (coming or going) we head towards the Hong Kong Citizen lines and instead of booths to show your passport we go through a 'card scanner'. I slip my HK ID into a card slot, it gets read, I scan my fingerprint and then the doors slide open (similar to a ticketing booth). There are multiple stands so efficiency is incredible. Every time we go through, we can't help but come out giddily smiling because we are so local and so much faster than those "tourists" ;)

It is no lie when I say that the HK ID process at airports will be one of the biggest things I miss about Hong Kong whenever we move back. Come on Trump, Make America Great Again with airport productiveness!...or, just let me cut out my ID pic and paste it into my Passport.