4 Dec 2016


Went on an adventure yesterday around Hong Kong Island to explore the two biggest parks: Hong Kong Zoological Park and Hong Kong Park (yes, so differently name it makes it so easy to know which is which). 

These parks are incredible though, and definitely more than just a leisurely stroll–you will definitely get that thigh and glute workout going as Hong Kong is never short of inclines. Both parks have all sorts of caged birds like flamingos, red crowned crane, and the very rare American duck…I also swear they caged a pigeon and a raccoon. But regardless, it’s an amazing experience and definitely more jungle than it is park. Especially at the HK Zoological Park where there are orangutans and monkeys making all sorts of noises I’ve never heard of.  

At the HK Park, closer to the financial district, there is a massive aviary for birds and it is nothing short of where the Pteranodon are caged in Jurassic Park. It’s incredible. The best part though are the views, each park is equal when it comes to amazing backdrops of the city surrounded by mountains and wildlife. I cannot believe this is our new backyard.