Airline Dating

If you are going to be an avid traveler then you need to start scoping out which airline you want to partner with. Picking out your top two or three airlines is like being in a relationship:

  • You are going to be loyal to those airlines and only those airlines
  • You will end up having their best customer service number on speed dial
  • You'll feel the love back by building up points and getting rewarded with treats (aka UPGRADES)
  • You will know what airports have your beau's best lounge
  • You'll basically be spending all your extra cash back on this relationship 

When you decide, pick on that has a large international base and then another that you love for your local country. Personally, I've picked Southwest as my local partner and American Airlines as my international partner. Reasons why?

American Airlines has newer planes, better lounges, and a good loyalty program. Once you climb the ladder in the relationship status you'll have many benefits of upgrades and customer service. Southwest is a great local airlines in the USA--mainly because their customer service is unbeatable. You can change fights last minute and use credit for future flights, no change fee. And any areas they don't reach in the USA I'll just use my other boyfriend, AA.