Packing Pro

Traveling can be stressful and one time consuming part is luggage. What do I bring? How much? What toiletries? What if it gets lost?

Fret not. Why this is be hard based on where you go, you'll end up becoming a pro the more you travel. But here are some quick tips to shave off some time and worry:

  1. Layers. Obviously your wardrobe will be different whether you are going somewhere warm or cold but a great concept regardless is to think of layering so you can be prepared on changes in temp. 
  2. Tennis shoes that you can workout in but also do daily exploring/walks in. Tip here is to try to stick to black, grey or white for tennis shoes so you can match better with a casual look when needed. 
  3. Wind or water resistant jacket. You'll always wish you brought this when you did. Check out  Patagonia's houdini jackets that roll up in a small pouch for space saving. 
  4. Keep your toiletry bag packed so you can just toss in whenever you travel. I have an extra toothbrush, medicine, small face wash, etc so I don't have to worry about combining all my stuff for another trip. 
  5. Stick to basic or nude colors. Why? It's so much easier to mix, match, and create multiple looks on the same pieces of clothing. Less clothes, more options. 
  6. If you are not going on a trip that requires cold weather clothing, hiking, or is more than 5 days then you should always stick to a carryon suitcase. You'll save money and, more importantly, TIME at the airport. < always check size regulation for overhead carryon. Tumi products are always airline regulated and made for the modern traveler >
  7. Your biggest space waster is going to be shoes and toiletries. Stick to travel size options, opt out for bringing your own shampoo or hairdryer, and limit your shoes to three. 
  8. When in doubt, under pack. You can always buy at your destination and quite honestly you'll come home with cooler items that have a story.