My Airport Notes

Wouldn't it be nice to avoid all crowds, germs, and just general frustration at the airport? Ah if life were perfect...

Unless you live in Hong Kong where the airport and security system/technology is far superior to any other airport I've been to, then you'll want to read on. Here are just a few ways to make your time at the airport a breeze:

  1. Get approved for TSA or Global Entry. I have both but sometimes Global Entry can be a little wonky, especially if you have a name change (the struggle of a married woman). TSA lines are absolutely worth it to save you on time and convenience through security checkpoints (keep those shoes on, my friend!)
  2. If you can, don't bother driving yourself to the airport. Stressful to find a spot and account for the time of getting into the security line. Use uber or have a friend drop you off. 
  3. Pack small and ditch the idea of a checked bag. This uses way more time at the airport, gives you the chance of losing your bag, and can cost extra $. I like a small rolling carryon to run around the the airport or even a backpack to just stuff my essentials in for a wknd trip. 
  4. Keep your ID and credit card handy. This should be common sense but needs to be said. 
  5. If you can, travel by yourself or just with one other person. It's crazy how many more opinions there are, how much time you have to wait for someone else, and how much more stressful this can be with more people in your travel group. Just meet at the destination and stick with one travel buddy! 
  6. Stick with one airline. If you do this then you'll know their system better, location of gates, and boarding process by heart. 
  7. Keep a charger in your carryon. Nothing worse than running out of battery on your phone or iPad if there is a delay. 
  8. Last, but not least, be wise on your outfit choice for travel day. Easy shoes to slip on and off, light jacket because God knows the temp in airports is unpredictable, and something comfortable if your in for a long haul.