Carry-on Essentials

Sometimes flying can be the worst part of a trip. Unless you are a lucky SOB and always get upgraded you might be in for a long and uncomfortable ride. I've learned that I can make it a little more enjoyable if I have the right items handy at all times. Ready?

  • Keep your under-the-seat carryon no bigger than a small backpack or handbag. Nothing worse than making your leg room even smaller because you brought a small duffle to sit with you. 
  • No laptops. A pain to take out through security and probably a useless items on the plane unless you have to travel for work. Stick to a small iPad and make sure to load movies, games, or books on it before you get to the airport. Airport wifi is mediocre at best and you won't be able to download things in time before you have to hit Airplane Mode on the runway. 
  • Roll on lavender oil. This scent will relax you if you are stressed, need help sleeping, or just generally need a calming smell instead of your neighbor's odor. 
  • Sanitizing wipes. I always wipe down the chair arms and folding tray when I get situated. Airplanes carry enough germs, might as well try to avoid getting sick because the previous passenger had the flu. 
  • Light scarf. Easy to fold, wear, and use as a clean blanket or rolled up neck rest. 
  • Snacks. Bring your own baggie of nuts, dried fruit, or small crackers. Nothing worse than being hungry and having airplane food as your only option $$$$ *don't forget gum, and a small water bottle to refill for free. 
  • Headphones. Need I say more?
  • Small notepad or magazine. If electronics fail, it's always nice to have a backup option or even relax your eyes from the screen. Make some checklists for yourself, goals, journal, etc. 
  • Small toiletries. Especially for a longer flight, you'll thank yourself for a good freshen up or if you aren't feeling well --> tylenol, small tissue pack, hand sanitizer, face wipes, small travel toothbrush, Tums, ginger ** try GinGins .. great for your tummy, motion sickness, and to calm your nerves. 

Another pro tip for better flight experience? Pick the right seat for you! If you need to lay your head against something always make sure you to the window. I personally always have to have an aisle seat so I can get up and move or go to the bathroom without feeling awkward asking something to move. You'll also have a better experience closer to the front of the plane. Earlier boarding, better access to bathrooms, and first to get off if you need to catch another flight.